One of the most important elements to building a healthier, better-looking body is accountability.

Living with diabetes and having a passion for fitness and building an incredibly strong, good looking body can be a lonely journey. It takes time, ruthless commitment and plenty of energy (physical and mental).

A Community of Like Minded Individuals

In 2017 I will be launching the Diabetic Muscle and Fitness Inner Circle. An online community and network of people living with diabetes who are highly passionate and committed to improving their mental and physical strength.

The community will be geared towards those interested in strength training and bodybuilding (improving the look and feel of your body).

What makes it better than any other diabetes site?

Let’s face it, real world experience and knowledge on shredding fat and building muscle with diabetes is extremely rare.

As much as I value the work of healthcare professionals, they aren’t the best source of advice when it comes to getting super strong and lean when living with diabetes.

Most of what you read on diabetes and fitness doesn’t go into enough detail. Also, a good deal of what you read is written by people who don’t know what it’s like to suffer from diabetes.

There is a MASSIVE difference between theory (talking the talk) and practical application (walking the walk). Especially when you take into account emotions and the ever-changing dynamics of day-to-day life.

Having spoken to thousands of diabetic gym fanatics over the years. It kills me to see so many guys and girls working their asses off but ending up nowhere.

I’ll be honest…

Not many are in shape.

Not many are strong.

Not many are fit.

Not many have good blood glucose control.

The majority of people living with diabetes don’t get the results they deserve and end up feeling hopeless.

Something’s not right.

I plan to fix that!

The members’ site will be a no-holds barred information hub, focused on building a community of super healthy, ultra-strong diabetics who know how to train SMARTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE!

Currently, I’m in the midst of developing the content.

Here’s what to expect:

✓  Regular article updates, inside tips, research reviews and other diabetes-related ramblings.

✓  Video modules covering everything you could want to know about diabetes muscle gain and fat loss.

✓  Monthly webinars [set topics – question & answer sessions].

✓  Workout plans.

✓  Muscle building and fat loss recipes.

✓  Rants.

✓  Interviews and case studies of incredible people living with diabetes.

✓  And much more.

I’ll also be looking to develop a members’ discussion board once the site matures.

The site will only cost a few bucks a month, which is significantly less than the cost of a new training top, which will do very little other than get you through a few workouts.

When is it being launched?

The membership site is set to be launched around December 2016.