21 Powerful Life Tactics to Dominate 2018

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21 Powerful Life Tactics to Dominate 2018

1. Entitlement never empowers you. Going and getting it yourself does.


2. Persuasion is the best way to win an argument.


3. The reason why success often doesn’t feel as good as it should do is because your idea of ‘success’ is based on what you want other people to think about you, rather than doing it for yourself. If you’ve had success this year, great! But, in order to keep advancing and developing make sure you evaluate yourself and commit to developing all the other areas of your life. This allows you to go to the next level. If you’re sitting down to plan your 2018 over the next few days, then do yourself a favour and set goals that serve you! At the end of the day, no one really cares how successful you are. Don’t waste your entire year trying to fit in again!


4. A great way to tell you’re not being true to yourself is when you say things likes, “I have to, should do…”


5. It’s wise to do things because of priority NOT history.


6. Pride gets in the way of mastery. Really cocky = tragedy.


7. It is easy to get complacent and find yourself doing low-value s**t if you do not plan your day or have a vision (goals).


8. Important distinction. At the level of the soul, we are the same. At the level of the physical senses and awareness, we are not.


9. Opinions are the cheapest opinions on earth – especially those that circulate the most. By the time the truth reaches – the lies have spread around the world.


10. The minute you put someone on a pedestal you blind yourself to their downsides. Everyone has another side, a dark side – including you!


11. Anything you repress always surfaces at some stage. It’s wise to dissolve your drama, understand how it served you and affirm it- rather than live through it.


12. In order to really not give a f**k what other people think, you need to know and love yourself. You’re the author of the most important story in the world – your life.


13. It’s ok to turn your phone off and shut your inbox down. Your social media and email accounts aren’t going to vanish and will be waiting for your patiently when you return.


14. For the amount of people that love you – there will be an equal amount of people that dislike you. So what! Live with it and stop trying to please everyone.


15. It is wise to have an inner vision rather than conform. Be …’in the world, not of the world.’ (John 17:16)


16. You will merge and unmerge with people over the course of your life. Learn from every relationship and embed the new found knowledge into the next relationship.


17. Expect people to be disloyal, dishonest and at times an enemy – People only live according to what they perceive is the best option for them. They did what they felt was best for them at the particular time. Don’t hold a grudge over that – you’ll only get ill.


18. 5 ways to embrace your entrepreneurial spirit. 1. Find something you really love doing. 2. Solve a problem that hasn’t been solved. 3. Be able to build the solution yourself. 4. Know when to be patient and when to act fast. 5. Manage your emotions.


19. Stop getting attached to the fantasy of being a success 24/7. If you’re attached to success you’re on your way down. Futile. The majority of your current success is a result of hitting rock bottom.


20. You get most creative when you’re challenged. Invite criticism. It’s kinda useful.


21. 1 true friend is better than 10,000 fake ones. Stop sweating over how many people follow you on social media.



I hope you found immense value in my life lessons from 2017.


Let’s smash 2018 together!


Life is beautiful.


Phil Graham

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