3 Mind-set Rituals Every Diabetic Needs to Hear

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3 Mind-set Rituals Every Diabetic Needs to Hear

The success of your diabetes control is directly proportionate to your mind-set. In this video, I share three incredibly useful mind-set tactics for better diabetes management.


Self-Control Is Strength

Right Thought Is Mastery

Calmness Is Power.

Implement them and let me know how you get on!



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  1. Gemma Tilley Reply

    Absolutely love this Phil! I feel I have the first ritual down to a T! Without being diagnosed with type 1, now 4 yrs ago, I wouldn’t be going back to college at the age of 30, studying to get to uni and study as a dietician! I want to and can help others, and that is what my diabetes has empowered and led me to do! There is always something good which can come of your diabetes, just look beyond the diagnoses x

    1. Phil Graham Reply

      Thanks Gemma!!!

  2. Charles Allen Reply

    Thank you for the advice on mindset. So important in controlling blood glucose levels. Its very easy to fall off with your training, diet, and monitoring with the wrong or negative mindset.