How do the books come?

All the recipe books come print ready in e-book download format. You can view them anywhere on your pc, laptop, tablet or mobile. Many people print the recipe cards out and laminate them for regular cooking use in the kitchen. These guides would be x5 the price if they were to be printed in hardback version

How long does it take to get the books?

Immediately. They will be sent to your email address as a downloadable link.

Are these really suitable for people with diabetes?

Yes. They have been written by a diabetic who understands clinical nutrition and the pathology of diabetes as a disease. The guides are used by many people with diabetes around the world. Please appreciate some of the meals do contain carbs. You must show seek approval from your health care professional and before consuming.

Are they full of unhealthy junk?

No! These recipes have been carefully designed to combat obesity, enhance muscle growth, boost exercise performance and assist with blood glucose management.


How tasty are the meals?

I wouldn’t put my name to anything that tasted like crap. Having monitored my own and 100s of client’s calorie intakes over the years I’ve learnt how to make delicious food without the calories. I even hired the help of a professional chef to help me. Every recipe has been trial tasted by me and my clients. No complaints – only requests for left overs. 

How long do they take to prepare?

I appreciate you live a busy lifestyle like me. So I have kept the preparation time for most meals between 10-20 minutes. There are also certain dinners that take 20-40 minutes to prepare.

I don’t have much cooking experience?

If you are completely new to cooking, you might want to have someone help you out the first few times you cook a recipe. After that it’s pretty easy – you don’t need to be a MasterChef to cook these meals. The cooking instruction cards are super simple and easy to follow.

Are the ingredients hard to get?

No. I have kept all the ingredients internationally friendly. You’ll be able to grab them at any local supermarket.  Some specific items can easily be got on amazon.

What If I have intolerances, allergies etc.?

I’ve worked with all types of food intolerances before especially egg, dairy and gluten. This cook book clearly outlines which recipes include dairy, shell fish, gluten, soya, MSG, nuts and eggs.


Generally speaking, the majority of recipes found in this cook book are made up primarily of whole single ingredient minimally processed natural foods.