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Bikini Competitor Kerry Bexton

Q. Age




Q. Where are you from?


Isle of White


Q. What do you do with your time? (Job, Pastimes, Family life etc.)


I’m a gym owner, personal trainer, Les Mills instructor, Toned figure and Bikini competitor. I’m also mum to a 4-year-old girl and have a husband.




Q. Tell us about your diagnosis? How did you know something was wrong?


I was 16 years old doing my GCSE exams at school, my mum noticed me guzzling loads of water and sleeping loads and had a massive weight loss, she took me to doctors who sent me straight to hospital where I stayed for a few days until I was brave enough to inject myself.


Q. Pens or Pump? Any preference?


 Pump, Omni pod wireless are so  good!


Q. How often do you check your blood glucose?


4-6 times a day


Q. Recent A1C? 





Q.How often do you train?


I train in the gym with weights splitting muscle groups 4\5 times a week and I also teach 3 Les Mills classes per week.


Q. What is your daily calorie and macro breakdown?


At present I don’t count calories or macros, mainly because I do this for 6 months of the year when in prep. The other 6 months I like to relax slightly, I eat healthy with treats.


Q. What food do you love, but messes with your blood sugar the most?




Q. Have you any body composition or performance goals over the next 12 months?


Yes I’m going to Italy to compete for the IBFA worlds and universe in July 2018 and cannot wait. I want to get as lean as I can for show day but until prep starts I really want to grow some bigger shoulders, biceps and hamstrings!


Q. 3 Things diabetes has taught you in life?


Not to let it stop you doing what you want to do, it’s not the end of the world – I can still see, hear and walk and am healthy in all other ways,  but you can get tired easily, sick easily and quite low.


Q. Top 3 tips for managing diabetes?


Test sugar as much as you can,

Attend appointments for diabetes, eyes and limbs on a regular basis

Keep moving!




Q. Biggest fitness myth dispelled?


 I’m diabetic I can’t exercise.


Q. What is the single best piece of mind-set advice you could give someone who’s been newly diagnosed with diabetes? 


You control diabetes it doesn’t control you!






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