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Bodybuilder James Gibson






Q.Where are you from?


Northern Ireland, Dromore, Co.Down



Q.What do you do with your time? (Job, Pastimes, Family life etc.)


I am a trainee Irish Chartered Accountant due to sit my finals August 2017. I spend the majority of my time working on myself and building my future. I love training and because I sit behind a desk all day I really enjoy getting up early heading to the gym before work for some cardio and light training then I will head after work in the evening for a heavier session. My job and hobby are very different I enjoy the ability to work my mind and body to the level I have achieved thus far (more to come in both aspects).



 Q.Tell us about your diagnosis? How did you know something was wrong?


I was diagnosed when I was very young 18 months to be precise. My mother noticed my uncontrollable urinating and constantly crying for water or fluid of some sort. I am sure it was very difficult for them to get me diagnosed at such a young age.



Q.Pens or Pump? Any preference? 


I believe I am in complete control using the pens. I know the pump is great but I can’t see how it can take into account all variables, especially with the rigorous exercise I do. Also the whole idea of something attached onto my body just doesn’t work for me.


Q.How often do you check your blood glucose?


Frankly I couldn’t put an exact number on it as it varies from day to day minimum I would say 10 times in a day.



Q.Recent A1C?    


6.3 Feb 2017



Q.How often do you train?


 I train twice daily but have become more comfortable in letting the odd morning session slip. On Sundays I tend to take a complete recovery day if I require it – I listen to my body.



Q.What is your daily calorie and macro breakdown? Outline a typical day’s diet for us?


During the off season I don’t tend to measure my calories unless I am aiming for a goal. As time has gone on I have been able to eyeball my food more and more accurately. A rough guide of Macros would be that I ensure I get over 350g protein per day and eat carbs just as I feel I need them. Keep them low enough, no more than 200g a day, until I splurge a little on a Saturday when I train legs. The only fats I ensure to take are healthy fats from Udos Oil which I religiously take every morning.



Q.What food do you love, but messes with your blood sugar the most?


Breakfast cereal would be my biggest craving during prep. I don’t even eat it unless I go low during the off season or get very hungry in the evening after training. This is maybe why I crave it so much during contest prep.



Q.Current workout split?


Monday – AM Cardio Core training. PM Chest/Biceps or Back/Triceps

Tuesday – AM Cardio Core training. PM Chest/Biceps or Back/Triceps (dependant on Monday)

Wednesday – AM Cardio Core training. Some blood flow work on my quads and hamstrings.

Thursday – AM Cardio Core training. Back/Biceps or Chest/Triceps

Friday – AM Cardio Core training. Back/Biceps or Chest/Triceps (dependant on Thursday)

Saturday – Heavy Legs.

Sunday – Rest but if I feel a body part wasn’t worked enough during the week and feels ok to train it the odd weekend I would train it again.


The above is not written in stone, I will swap it around change things up here and there dependant on how I feel.



Q.Have you any body composition or performance goals over the next 12 months?


Reduce my training down to around “3 days on 1 day off” situation. Gradually reduce the cardio down to 3 days a week. I train so much because I enjoy it but I know in order to grow I will need to let the body recover more even if I feel I could go again and again. The main goal is to keep my weight in check this off season, ensuring I don’t pile on a lot of useless weight which is only putting strain on my heart.



Q.3 Things diabetes has taught you in life?


No matter how good you think you are at controlling things you can always get thrown a curve ball.

Consistency is the best way to achieve goals.

Only you can reduce the strain of your condition on your life and the ones around you.



Q.Top 3 tips for managing diabetes?


Test Regularly.

Get to know your body and don’t always just take what the doctor is saying as gospel.

Ensure to adjust any abnormal glucose levels in increments. If low small sips of Lucozade (not anymore, though, since they removed the glucose lol) until a good level is reached. If high, it is dependent on the extent this is where you need to know your body.



Q.Biggest fitness myth dispelled?


Having diabetes gives us a competitive advantage. You try telling me that when I’m 2 weeks out from a show, my head’s gone and my bloods go low. Takes great determination and concentration to try avoid going mad and eating the house down.



Q.What is the single best piece of mind-set advice you could give someone who’s been newly diagnosed with diabetes? 


Don’t panic. You won’t learn how to control it overnight, that will only come with time. Know that everything you did before you were diagnosed is obtainable again, you just need to work that little harder.



Q.Can you give a short concise review of the Diabetic Muscle and Fitness Guide and outline what was your biggest takeaway?


What Phil Graham has put together for the diabetic community is nothing short of remarkable, giving clear understanding of how our bodies work in relation to hormones and insulin regulation.


I’m terrible at reviewing stuff bud and still yet to get deep into the book as I am revising for the chartered exams atm.


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Facebook – james.gibson.96

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