Brain Dump: Correcting High Blood Glucose on Leg Day – 2/07/2017

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Brain Dump: Correcting High Blood Glucose on Leg Day – 2/07/2017

Hi Guys,

It’s 10:31 pm on Sunday 2nd July 2017.

I’m sitting reflecting after a pretty productive day and planning my week ahead.

After spending several hours developing content for the Diabetic Muscle and Fitness membership site (which is due to launch in August 💪) on Saturday night, I was busting to get into the gym this morning and thrash legs.

I woke up a little high at 9.2 mmol/L (166mg/dl).

We all know what this feels like 😂🙈.

I hate waking up with high blood sugar.

It literally feels like a train has hit me.

There’s a high probability anytime I wake up high I’ll be grumpy AF and late (as I always hit snooze.)

Just recently, I’ve started programming my mind and body to JUMP OUT OF BED the minute I wake.

Why am I doing this?

Simple reason: to avoid sleeping in, procrastinating and get more shit done!

Sleep is important but there is a fine line between enough and time wasting.

Anyhow, If you’re high it’s imperative you bring yourself back to a rock solid blood glucose levels, before doing anything else.

My thoughts on correcting high blood glucose…

When correcting high blood glucose levels I like to keep things ultra simple.

Let me explain…

It’s important to isolate and remove any factors that may influence your blood glucose levels at the time you correct.

This includes eating (especially carbs and leucine rich protein sources), stimulants, stressful activities and exercise, especially weight training.

Accuracy is everything.

Blood glucose corrections get very confusing when multiple factors occur at once. And, this only leads one big problem…

Blood glucose levels that bounce around for the first half (or all) of the day is one sure way to zap your mood.

 I wish I could put a sign on my head saying DON’T TALK TO ME! when this happens.

Take note – Large fluctuations in blood glucose (i.e. high to low) isn’t cool and extremely unhealthy.

😅 Anyhow, I managed to correct myself pretty fast, get to the gym and knock out an awesome leg session.

Check out the footage of me training below (from my Instagram account)

Program Split went as follows.

A1. Butt walks, (try these pre squat/deadlift – thank me later)
B1. Heavy ass Leg press (worked up to 20+ reps of 400kg)
C1. Single leg high knee lunges (these challenge your core and gluteus big time)

Until the next time,

Phil ‘Correct it’ Graham

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