Bronwyn Le Busque – IFFB Bikini Competitor

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Bronwyn Le Busque – IFFB Bikini Competitor


Age – 30 years 

Q. Where are you from?

Melbourne, Australia 

Q. Tell us about yourself? 

I’m a registered perioperative nurse by trade, currently day surgery manager at a large private hospital. Postgrad in Perioperative nursing and almost finished my Masters in health administration.

Married and owner of one child (Frankie). Thrive on knowledge and love to inspire and encourage others. 

Q. How long have you had diabetes for?

15 years 

Q. Pens or Pump? Any preference?

Probably pump. I forget sometimes when I use pens on what time I had insulin and how much etc.. This way I can be very precise and use small doses. I also like how I can turn my pump right down when I’m trending low to prevent the need to eating carbs for a hypo. 

Q. How often do you check your blood glucose?

8-10 times per day minimum

Q. Recent A1C? 


Q. Tell us about your bodybuilding and fitness lifestyle?

About 2 years ago I decided I didn’t want to live the life I was living. My mind-set evolved around what I couldn’t do because of my diabetes not what I could! I also found myself face to face with insulin resistance. I’d always loved exercise and started lifting as I got exposed via a few free pt sessions. Now my life is incomplete without it. I’m about to do my 3rd bodybuilding show, IFBB bikini.

I love every aspect of what I do. The dedication, desire, the discipline but most of all how I have been able to put my disease into something positive. A part of diabetes is being controlled, and dedicated why not put that towards something!! I train 5-6 days a week, mostly strength but I do cardio because I enjoy it.

I include 1-2 functional training sessions per week as well. My goal for the next 12 months is to continue to grow and increase my strength and improve my physique.

Q. Can you give an example of your daily diet plan?

When I’m not prepping for a show I still like to eat a fairly structured diet. I eat clean non-processed foods and avoid gluten/grains. I eat carbs around my workouts. I don’t eat any pre-processed or prepared foods.

My staple carbs are oats, jasmine rice and sweet potato.

My favourite breakfast foods are pancakes, oats, egg whites, cinnamon, psyllium husk and almond milk, all whisked together to a batter and then made into pancakes! Delicious.

I generally eat 6 times a day and have one to two cheat meals a week. My weakness is nuts and coffee.

Q. What aspect of diabetes holds you back the most?

I guess it doesn’t hold me back, just makes me frustrated sometimes when my body isn’t doing what I want it too! I don’t like when I’m not in control of my diabetes. 

Q. Top 3 Tips for managing your diabetes?

1. Control. Keep in control.

2. Listen to your body.

3. Be prepared for trial and error.

Q. What is the best piece of advice you could give someone newly diagnosed with diabetes?

Everyone will have an option or advice on what’s best.

Educate yourself as much as possible with different information. Talk to people and be willing to get uncomfortable. I am a firm believer that early intervention with regards to weight training and diet control will set you up for a positive future and easy transition. There is a lot of old information out there still being used.

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instagram @ bron_t1 

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