How to Bulletproof Your Mind and Overcome the Mental Burden of Diabetes

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How to Bulletproof Your Mind and Overcome the Mental Burden of Diabetes

Living with diabetes is a huge responsibility. It takes time to know your body and acquire the vital skills and understanding necessary to achieve solid control.

In this video, I explain why mind-set is crucial to diabetes success and how to shift yourself into a new paradigm of thinking for better glucose control and improved quality of life.

This videos goes pretty deep and may hit a nerve with you. It will definitely increase your self-awareness.

Watch the video in private and give it your full attention.


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  1. Stephen Burleson Reply

    So very much Needed- thank you the struggle is intense but can be dealt with apparently.. Gotta get the book!

  2. Molly Reply

    Thank you for the great reminder of the steps in the longevity of our health. Being a stay at home homeschooling Mama of 4 and all the demands of life, I can let stress affect my decision making in my health. I just got myself back in check Monday after making some not so great diabetic health decisions and this email came along. You are a great encouragement. Thank you!❤

    1. Phil Graham Reply

      My Pleasure Molly!

  3. Stephen Burleson Reply

    The book is an absolute necessity for every diabetic ☝ tu Phil! The energy lows lead to lack of motivation and depressive lethargy that seems impossible to overcome- but I am learning- acceptance- proactivity- planning in every area of my life etc. I believe that I can get this down and feel the best I have in years. It is a process for me- thanx Phil!

    1. Phil Graham Reply

      Respect buddy – thank you!

  4. Stephen Burleson Reply

    Get the book! Got to change everythhing ☝

  5. Stephen Burleson Reply

    Phil is a diabetic counselor- We need counselors in diabetic management! The system currently sucks because diabetic and nutrition ‘educators’ particularly those who do not experience DMII and haven’t lived w the struggle overload patients w infoemation and send you home to figure it out- at least in my experience- Phil has the solution. Thx Phil!

    1. Phil Graham Reply

      Thank you for the kind words buddy!

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