Dexcom G6 Review: Is it better than Dexcom G5 & FreeStyle Libre?

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Dexcom G6 Review: Is it better than Dexcom G5 & FreeStyle Libre?

The Dexcom G6 is finally here!

The marketing boasts:

  • The accuracy is less than 10% MARD for all people aged two years and older.
  • Zero finger sticks required because it’s factory calibrated.
  • Sensor life of 10 days.
  • A 28% flatter transmitter.
  • A new URGENT LOW SOON alert to prevent hypos.
  • Alerts can are set by the time of day and day of the week.


Great! Because Dexcom asked the Diabetic Muscle and Fitness team to attend the pre-launch meeting for bloggers – #DexcomTribe – to get the first look in the UK at the Dexcom G6.

Dexcom asked Diabetic Muscle and Fitness to this premier for a few reasons:

  • We are the fastest growing diabetes community, full of people who want to take control of Diabetes.
  • We have a resident CGM expert – Head Coach of the Diabetic Muscle and Fitness Online Coaching Academy – John Pemberton.
  • John co-authored the recent ACDC national CGM guidelines.
  • John wrote the acclaimed guide inside the Training Lab – “Become a CGM Pro.”
  • John has extensively reviewed the Libre, Dexcom G5, Minimed 640G in previous VLOG’s – he knows these products inside out.
  • John has been wearing the Dexcom G5 for over two years.
  • John educates people with diabetes on all CGM systems at one of the UK’s leading paediatric Diabetes Centres.

We have a community of people who are using a wide variety of CGM systems. Including some from the U.S. who have already started in the G6.

So, what did we say?

Yes, of course.

We sent John to Manchester on Saturday the 9th of June to get a sneak preview before the official launch in the UK on the 12th of June.


Diabetic Muscle and Fitness are not getting paid for any of this. The only thing we are receiving is a Dexcom G6 to trial it, “IN ANY WAY WE SEE FIT!”

So, rest assured, there is no conflict of interest. If it’s not up to power, we will say it is, if there are issues, we will tell you.

We have loads of people in our community who love the FreeStyle Libre, who wear their G5 sensors of 4 weeks at a time, and those who love the Minimed 670G. So, we will use this opportunity to educate, inform and help you decide what’s going to suit you best.

Watch this video where John reports on all the marketing claims, and how he is going to put the Dexcom G6 to test, in a unique 10-day challenge. The challenge will involve putting Dexcom G6 head to head with the Dexcom G5 and the Freestyle Libre!



Yes, you heard John correctly! He’s going to hook himself to three CGM systems at once, so you can see what all three systems can do. We have included the summary tables from the video here. These are like gold-dust.


How do the three systems compare on the most important criteria?


When will the new Dexcom G6 URGENT LOW SOON go off?



What do the rate of change arrows mean?



The Diabetic Muscle and Fitness 10-day Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) challenge


Where will you find the 10-day challenge videos?

Right here.

Keep returning to this page when the challenge starts, and you will find the detailed breakdown, day by day.

Day 1: Which sensor is the easiest to insert and why no calibrations?

Day 2: Setting up the alarms, day profiles and URGENT LOW SOON

Day 3: Understanding MARD and a deep dive into the cost

Day 4: Does G6 work with Paracetamol?

Day 5: Which CGM system works the best during strength training?

Day 6: Can the sensors take an ICE bath?

Day 7: Which CGM system works the best during strength training?

Day 8: You can calibrate the G6 if you want to, but when and why?

Day 9: The day before my wedding, can the sensors take the stress?

Day 10: It’s a Wrap, which CGM had the best MARD, the best value for money, which groups of people will prefer which system?

The new videos will appear day by day until you have the full ten. Enjoy.

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