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THE DIABETIC MUSCLE AND FITNESS GUIDE covers everything you need to know from a theoretical and practical standpoint on how to build a stronger better-looking body while living with diabetes.

The resource is evidence based and takes into account the most up-to-date scientific evidence on diabetes, nutrition, exercise, medication and lifestyle management.

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll learn:

✓  A deep-rooted understanding of what diabetes is, and its effects on health, body composition and training performance.

✓  A clear understanding of how the diabetic body responds to different types of exercise.

✓  Key tactics for building a super strong positive mindset.

✓  Strategies on how to build a highly effective and enjoyable diet that shreds fat, builds muscle and takes into account different types of diabetes.

✓  Sports Supplements: Which are safe and useful? Which aren’t?

✓  Everything you need to know about building a highly effective training program (including a 16-week training plan)

✓  An overview of every diabetes medication, including roles, action and side effects.

✓  The importance of lifestyle management including stress reduction strategies and sleep optimisation. 

✓  Strategies for assessing your diabetes, body composition and performance progress, to ensure your health and body is always moving in the right direction.

✓  Exclusive access to useful online resources including training plans, calculators and other useful content.

✓  Complex scientific information on diabetes explained in a highly practical and easy to digest format for rapid body redesign and strength development.

✓  Free lifetime book updates (as research and policies change)

✓  And, much more…

Who Needs This Book?

    People living with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes 

The Diabetic Muscle and Fitness Guide teaches you everything you need to know on how to shred fat, build muscle and smash personal best in the gym while living with diabetes.

    Family members and close friends of people with diabetes

Whether you have a family member, close friend or training partner with diabetes, it’s important to know what they’re going through. The Diabetic Muscle and Fitness Guide will teach you everything from what diabetes is, right through to useful tips on how you can save and improve the quality of life of someone living with diabetes.

    Personal Trainers who train people with diabetes.

The Diabetic Muscle and Fitness Guide teaches the modern day personal trainer everything they need to know about coaching clients living with diabetes. This will prove highly valuable as trainers will be coaching more clients living with diabetes (especially Type 2) than ever before.

The Diabetic Muscle and Fitness Guide covers a range of insightful topics the personal trainer will find useful, including:

  • Implications of diabetes on muscle growth, fat loss and high-level performance in professional sport, and how to combat it.
  • Understand the body’s response to different types of exercise especially weights resistance exercise.
  • Nutrition considerations for people with diabetes (e.g. when protein intake does matter)
  • Understating the side effects of popular diabetic drugs.
  • Acknowledge how to train around certain diabetic complications (includes; pre-exercise screens/assessments.)
  • The importance of building and keeping in touch with a professional healthcare team.
  • Strategies to improve blood glucose control, pre during and after exercise.
  • How to quickly evaluate a client’s level of diabetes care and self-management.
  • And, much more

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Everything you need to know from a theoretical and practical standpoint on how to build muscle and shred fat whilst living with diabetes.


Jordan Peters

Phil Graham,  one of the smartest and most hardworking guys I know.

I really advise his new book for everyone, not just diabetics. The nutrition and training info is second to none. Coaches, if you have diabetic clients, take the chance to educate yourself more so. You’ll take so much from it!

Phil is a type 1 diabetic himself, so knowing how to control and time your food and insulin is of huge importance to him. He also has a strong academic understanding of the topics – learn from the best.

Phil Learney (Advanced Coaching Academy)

An absolute must for the modern day personal trainer.

Danny Lennon (The best Evidence Based Nutrition & Training Podcast in the world)

Phil is a trustworthy source of information and has not only coached many diabetics successfully over the years but has navigated his own training and nutrition as a T1 diabetic himself. 

I know Phil has put a ton of work into this! It’s going to be really useful guide to diabetics out there. Recommended!

Jamie Alderton (Fitness Celeberity)

As one of the U.K. s & Ireland’s top performance nutritionists Phil s new book is going to be absolute GOLD DUST for people with diabetes who are passionate about bodybuilding and fitness.

Ben Coomber (Leading Fitness Educator)

Phil is such a knowledgeable and humble guy! I can’t recommend his new book highly enough. The detail he goes into is something else. If you haven’t got a copy, get one!

Mark Coles (Fitness Educator, Competitive Bodybuilder and Owner M10 Fitness)

The Diabetic Muscle and Fitness guide is a heavily detailed book aimed at educating diabetics in the area of health, fitness and muscle development.
This book is also an incredible resource for trainers, coaches and anyone working with clients in the health, nutrition or fitness industry.

Not only does Phil know this subject inside out, but every bit of content is backed up by his own experience. Having had diabetes himself from a young age, Phil has trailed and tested every method of blood sugar management himself.

This book is a must purchase if you consider yourself a coach passionate about professional development.

Tom Crudington (one of the UK’s Leading Strength and Conditioning coaches)

A must by for all serious PT’s and those with a keen interest on the subject.

Andy McKenzie (Internationally Renonwned Bodyweight Strength Coach)

Phil Graham is a coach that I trust 100% and with that his work on this book has been an insight into his deliberate work ethic and detailed research into a subject that I am sure will help thousands of people pursue their fitness goals, regardless of perceived limitations, or in this case genuine medical based limits.

This is a must for both personal trainer working with clients and indeed those living with diabetes.

Chris Burgess (Lift The Bar personal Training Education)

Phil Graham has done a really good job with his upcoming diet and training resource for those suffering with diabetes.

Current diabetic diet and training advice is lagging way behind, and does very little to help the eager gym goer looking to better themselves!

Phil’s taken his academic knowledge, coaching experience and most importantly 11 years of personal experience living with Type 1 diabetes and come up with a practical evidence based diabetic muscle and fitness guide!

Anth Bailes  (IFBB Pro Bodybuilder)

In-depth and comprehensive – you’ve done yourself proud with this one Phil!


Everything you need to know from a theoretical and practical standpoint on how to build muscle and shred fat whilst living with diabetes.