Exercise and Diabetes Management

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Exercise and Diabetes Management

Welcome to the Execution Guide on Exercise and Diabetes Management.

Hi all,John Pemberton

I’ve been obsessed with learning how to get the best post possible diabetes control, using the simplest methods, ever since I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2008. I undertook a personal crusade to learn from some of the leading Doctors in the area. I put my learning into practice through rigorous self-experimentation, and trailing different methods with hundreds of people with Type 1 Diabetes in clinical practice. After ten years of trial and error, I finally found strategies that work consistently for most people with Type 1 Diabetes.

I have set up this course because I cannot see every person with Type 1 Diabetes in my clinic. I know this content has huge value for everyone with Type 1, but especially those with a keen interest in muscle and fitness, who change their training modality regularly.

These strategies rely on getting the answers to only seven simple questions. With the seven answers, it is possible to develop an effective personalized exercise plan for anyone with Type 1 Diabetes. The issue comes when trying to teach ten years of clinical experience in interpreting the seven answers.

That’s why I developed the Breakthrough Exercise Calculator. The calculator has an in-built algorithm that is based on the latest research, and my full ten years of clinical experience.

I’ve spread the Exercise Calculator far and wide through:

  • Thousands of patient consultations as a Diabetes Specialist Dietitian in the health service.
  • Teaching these methods to healthcare professionals at national training events and presenting my findings at international conferences.
  • Painstaking hours of reading physiology textbooks and journal articles.
  • Relentless self-experimentation whilst bulking, leaning, running half marathons, triathlons, circuit training etc. Measuring my glucose level, insulin doses and training progress with OCD precision.
  • Trying, testing and reviewing different strategies with hundreds of different people with Type 1 Diabetes, both in a clinic setting and online coaching.

All of my personal and clinical experience has taught me every great course has the THREE key elements:

  1. Engagement
  2. Education
  3. Empowerment

I have taken my thousands of hours of hard work and condensed it into this seven module Exercise Management Course. It will not take you a 1000 hours, it will take no more than two hours to complete. I guarantee you will be engaged, educated and empowered. I have only one ask, be an active learner. Learning is a participation sport.


  • Download the work booklet and start module one today
  • Take the time to complete the tasks in the work booklet
  • Use what you learn in REAL LIFE
  • Try out the Exercise Calculator
  • Take the test on course completion to prove your learning

Ready to improve your Exercise Management?

Let’s go!

John Pemberton

Diabetes Specialist Dietitian PGDip, RD

Sports, Health, Exercise and Nutrition BSc

Type 1 Diabetes since 2008