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Straight answer. YES!

However, this is only true when you give diabetes the two fingers and screw controlling your blood sugars.

Building muscle with diabetes takes a little more than normal.

You need to be smart about it. Really smart.

You need to a firm understanding of what to do, and what not to do – especially with diet and lifestyle.

In this video blog, I go into detail on the complications of poorly controlled diabetes and explain why you must obsess over your blood glucose control if you want to build a healthy, strong and great looking body!

This is a must for anyone living with diabetes who wants to get more out of their efforts in the gym! If you’re a diabetic bodybuilder or fitness fanatic – you need to WATCH THIS VIDEO!

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  1. Fahrettin Güngördü Reply

    Your advices is very impressive. Thank You. What do you think about lactic acid metabolism during training? Especially people who use metformin like drugs which may also cause lactic acidosis. I prefer taking metformin after exercise because of this. What do you think?
    Thank You.

    1. Phil Graham Reply

      Lactic acid will enter the pericycle and play a role in the creation of the body’s own glucose (via gluconeogenesis) – which can prove problematic for blood glucose management in someone with diabetes.

      Lactic acid is a proposed factor for muscle growth. It is considered an element of ‘metabolic’ stress.

      On top of other stressors like mechanical loading and muscle damage -the body responds to such a stimulus/stress by adapting itself to accommodate future threat (leading to hypertrophy)

      In people with poorly controlled diabetes acidosis may already be an issue, so if the drug has the potential to exacerbate acidosis – it may reduce performance.

      My best advice is to measure glucose levels closely and strive for perfect range AT ALL TIMES!

  2. Shady Reply

    Hello my name is Shady. I am 37 years old. Thank you for all the information they are very helpfull. I want to ask you something pls. I have type 1 diabetes since 2015. In the past i was taking cybonex injection and other things for gym. After i found out i have diabetes i stop gym. I was 95 kg and 1.78 cm. Now i am 76 kg. I started again gym and i am taking whey proteyn, bca,glutamine.the question is …can i take again injection steroids and will they have side effects? Or whats ur opinion? Thank you sooooo much for everything

    1. Phil Graham Reply

      Hi Shady!

      Appreciate there will be side effects with any drugs. I don’t recommend the use of steroids unless for HRT, which has been approved by your health care professional. You will make great progress without them, provided your diet, training, diabetes and stress management are in order.

      I am currently compiling a module on the topic of steroids for the members’ site.

  3. MADHANISH Reply madhanish..from india.I’m 23 yrs old. Found t1dm at 14 yrs old.. I’m 54kg nd 169cm height. I need to gain some muscle. My glucose is under control. Hba1c :6.3 .need some tips to gain some extra pounds. Where do I need to start from ? Supplements,gym ? I’m a MBBS student. Just graduated.

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