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Being consistent with your diet and training is critical to managing diabetes, and building a stronger better-looking body.


There are many challenges and distractions to getting in shape. The temptation of high-calorie convenience food presents itself everywhere you go and machines are taking your jobs.

It’s becoming easier and easier to overeat, move less and become an obesity statistic.

In this article, I want to highlight 5 useful tips that will help keep you on the straight and narrow with your muscle building and fat loss efforts.



1. Persistence is important, but planned, periodic bouts of “being bad” can actually be a good thing.


This can include everything from holidays, training breaks, sleeping in. right through to portion-controlled food options that lie outside normal ‘clean eating’.


 2. The SMART method is a great way to approach your diabetic body building and fitness goals.








Are your behaviours allowing you to achieve your goals?

If not, what can you do to alter these behaviours or habits?


3. If you keep slipping up (take note)


You either don’t want it bad enough or your diet and training programmes need to be tweaked.

One of the easiest ways to overcome poor dietary adherence is to follow delicious diabetic friendly recipe plans. They remove the stress of thinking ‘what’s safe to eat’ and give you done-for-you meal ideas that can be cooked in a flash.

Thats exactly why I created the Ultra Lean Diabetic Cookbook – it’s loaded with 100 mouth-watering diabetic friendly recipes. They include everything from beef burgers, tortilla pizzas, tacos the whole way through to protein bars and pancakes. All the calories and macronutrients are outlined for you – they even come with a Myfitness pal barcode for easy food tracking

One of the easiest ways to overcome this is to follow simple recipe plans.

Fat loss diabetes cookbook

4. A rigid, all-or-nothing approach to fitness is self-sabotaging to the majority of individuals, especially those who try to do it long term.


Staying in contest or photo shoot ready shape 365 days a year is not practical for 99% of the population both physiologically (physically) and psychologically (mentally) speaking.


Realise most of the incredibly shaped bodies you see on the fronts of magazines and Instagram eat, sleep and breathe fitness 24/7.


It’s their full-time job to look good. And, they usually have more time, money and effort to dedicate towards their goals than the average member of the public who works a full-time job.


There are various reasons behind an ‘all or nothing’ approach. Most people follow what they deem necessary, largely as a result of media influence, yet they fail to question or critique their approach.


Other reasons include habit, deep-rooted insecurity and even a superiority complex of ‘I’m working harder than you.’


Anxiety, depression and loss of opportunity in life and business can often result from being too fixated on your fitness endeavours.


You must find balance, be patient and realise not everything goes to plan.


5. Enjoyment is often more important than progress.


Building a great looking body is a life long journey – it needs to be enjoyable, manageable and most importantly sustainable.

–       Healthy is enjoying your life.

–       Healthy is being able to eat the food you want and at the time you want.

–       Healthy is not stressing if you missed a training day, especially if it’s because you’re doing something better or more enjoyable with your time.


Take Home


How you look, feel and perform right now is a result of what you do on average. If you can’t stick to your approach over the long term, your results won’t last.


If you want to learn the exact science of how to build a diet that is super easy to stick to, and doesn’t leave you feeling miserable you need to grab a copy of The Diabetic Muscle and Fitness Guide.


Diabetic Muscle and Fitness Guide

With over 400+ pages of evidence-based theory on how to build a stronger, better-looking body with diabetes, this is an absolute must for any dedicated gym goer living with diabetes.

I go into great depth on how you can create your own diet principles, incorporate ‘cheat foods’, even if you crave something every single day.

The only food you ever need to feel guilty about is the food you steal.

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