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I’m Anthony Bailes,  a professional bodybuilder living with Type 1 Diabetes.

Date Of Birth : 08-06-1977
Birthplace : County Durham / UK
Residence : Tyne and Wear / UK
Occupation : Gym Owner / Manager, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder
Height : 5 feet 6.5 Inches
Offseason Weight : 240lbs
Contest Weight : 205 – 210lbs
Favourite Quote – “Masakatsu Agatsu” ( True Victory Is Victory Over Oneself )

Q. How long have you had diabetes for?
9 Years

Q. Pens or Pump?

Q. How often do you check your blood glucose?

Normally x6 times per day. It depends on my control. On a bad day it could be more

Q. Recent A1C?

7.0 %
Q. What aspect of diabetes holds you back from bodybuilding the most?

As a diabetic, the body doesn’t absorb nutrients as efficiently as a healthy body. This has an impact on muscle growth and when manipulating carbs and water in the final week of contest prep.

Muscle loss, water retention and inflammation are an issue during hyperglycemia.

Q. Top 3 Tips for managing your diabetes?

1. The most obvious – Eat the bulk of your diet from clean single ingredient foods. You can enjoy a treat every now and again. But, don’t get carried away. Always ensure you dose your insulin correctly

2. Do cardio. My blood glucose and insulin sensitivity are much better when I do cardio. Especially, in the hours after doing a little HIIT cardio. This includes the off-season.

3. Don’t let your body fat get too high. Insulin sensitivity suffers when you get too fat. My days of getting very heavy in the offseason are over.

Q. What single piece of advice would you give someone living with diabetes looking to do well in bodybuilding?

As bodybuilders, we like to have complete control of our diets and training. However, with diabetes, you will never have 100% control. You can only do your best. NO matter how strict or meticulous you are, some days your blood glucose will go out of range for no reason. It happens. Don’t beat yourself up about it and get frustrated!

Do your best and accept you might have a bad day every now and again.

Roll with it and take one day at a time!

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” In-depth and comprehensive – you’ve done yourself proud with this one Phil! ” – Anth Bailes 

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  1. Ana Reply

    I really thought that there were no one with type one diabetes and a bodybuilder; you have given me hope. I am not young at all but, I feel like it. I have been living with type 1 diabetes my whole life. I have been exercising for a while just recently I started taking bodybuilding seriously. I have beenn in search of information on how to train successfully with diabetes to gain a few muscles and transform my body. Thanks for your website. I will read your book. Have you searched for a bodybuilder who is a diabetic and a woman? If you haven’t found one, well now you have….

    1. Phil Graham Reply

      Thank you so much! This means a lot!

      I was exactly the same when I started. The members site is currently being built and will be an incredible community for like minded individuals.

    2. Phil Graham Reply

      This is awesome thanks for reaching out!


    the bodybuider type of life is the healty way to live: diet, rest and excersise, (as far we don’t go on stimulant or ergonenic sustances.)

  3. dr.mukul mondal Reply

    today i got this book “” the diabetic muscle&fitness guide “” from amazon india. i am 45 years old man dignosed type 2 dm 2 months ago, so i am in dilema what to do….straingth training in this age or i dont know…confused a lot though i am an orthopaedic surgeon by profession……cant took the decision …hit a gym nearby or …….anyway .thanks,

    1. Phil Graham Reply

      Strength training is a huge benefit to people with type 2 diabetes. It will aid in glucose disposal. Review all the key benefits cited in the book.

  4. Jennifer Austin Reply

    Help wanted!!
    I am currently working in school with an eight year old lad with type 1 diabetes. He is currently really struggling. I was placed with him in March and I have been trying to get him to “take control” – he is now letting me know when he feels his bloods might be low but struggles with behaviour and communication when they are high. Last week I decided to look up celebrities with diabetes and stumbled across this site and a picture of Anthony Bailes. He was amazed – his immediate response “How does he inject?!” – I’m guessing with reference to the lack of fat! I wondered if there was any way to contact Anthony as this lad could really do with a boost just now….

    1. Phil Graham Reply

      Hi Jennifer,

      Check Anthony up on facebook.

      In terms of injecting when super lean – there is a case for putting it into muscle. However, this must be approached with caution as the insulin may have a faster onset. Therefore the timing of insulin to correct high blood glucose, accommodate food and stress may need to be fine-tuned over time. Please put through your health care professional

  5. Mike Sear Reply

    This is awesome info. Ive lived with diabetes for 19 years now (aged 26) and am training daily to build muscle. I struggle a lot at the moment and always am looking for help and advice!!

    1. Phil Graham Reply

      My pleasure buddy! PLENTY MORE TO COME!

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