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International Fitness Model Aidan Broddell

My name is Aidan Broddell, I’m Type 1 diabetic and Current UKBFF Junior Men’s Physique British Champion.



Q. Age


Q. How long have you had diabetes for?

I’ve had diabetes for 11 years this December (diagnosed at the age of 10)

Q. Roll back to your diagnosis, can you remember it? What told you to go to the doctor that day?

I originally went to the doctors on an emergency appointment after losing weight and noticing dehydration and excessive urinating; the night before the doctor’s appointment was made I went to the toilet 11 times in the space of 3 hours with a full bladder!

Q. Pens or Pump?


Q. How often do you check your blood glucose?

I check my blood glucose 7-9 times a day on average

Q. Recent A1C?

6.9 %

Aidan Brodell UKBFF Bodybuilder diabetic

Q. What aspect of diabetes holds you back the most?

The biggest aspect that holds me back is taking equipment around with me, or travelling abroad.

Q. Top 3 Tips for managing your diabetes?

  1. Monitor your blood glucose – don’t presume they’re high, or low, as your mind can be deceiving.
  2. Carb count, it helps with control.
  3. Exercise is vital, it helps stabilise your blood glucose levels.

Q. Describe your training regime?

My training regime, in on season, consists of daily cardio sessions and daily separate weight sessions which are carried out around my carb meals/ diet

Q. How does your diet look at present? Do you count macros and calories?

I am currently in my off-season so I’m less strict with calorie counting. However, I still abide by carbohydrate and fat manipulation around workouts.

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  1. Alaric Greenlee Reply

    how do lose fat and gain muscle with diabetes


    how do i lose fat and gain muscle?

    1. Phil Graham Reply

      Diabetics can lose fat and gain muscle by respecting these 5 principles…

      1) Keeping blood glucose tightly controlled.
      2) Staying in a sustainable energy deficit.
      3) Regular strength training.
      4) Adequate rest
      5) Appropriate intake of protein and essential fatty acids

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