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International Sprinter Dannish Walker-Khan



My name is Dannish Walker-Khan. I’m a Great Britain international sprinter living with type 1 diabetes.

Q. Age


Q. How long have you had diabetes for?

I have had diabetes since the age of 11 (type 1).

Q. Roll back to your diagnosis, can you remember it? What told you to go to the doctor that day?

I kept falling asleep in classes at school and getting into trouble for not paying attention, then I went to the doctors as my mum thought something was wrong. Turns out I was diabetic. I was scared because the week before I saw a lady on coronation street die from a diabetic hypo (a bit far fetched).

Q. Pens or Pump?

I use a pen (novorapid and levemir).

Q. How often do you check your blood glucose?

I check my glucose about 8-10 times per day.

Q. Recent A1C?

6.8 %

Q. What aspect of diabetes holds you back the most?

The thing that holds me back the most is 1. I have to eat a bit more carbs than a normal sprinter so when I want to cut down to race weight it is a little harder and 2. Getting my glucose levels right during training and especially competition day with the adrenaline etc.



Q. Top 3 Tips for managing your diabetes? 

  1. Always check your sugar levels and take your insulin accordingly.
  2. You don’t live with diabetes, diabetes has to live with you, you are the exact same as anyone else.
  3. Keep a regimented and routine diet and sleeping pattern (me personally I always eat at the exact same times and sleep and nap at the same times)


Q. Describe your training regime?

I lift a lot (3 times a week) along with a lot of plyometrics resistance training and general conditioning. And then pure track sessions (with small circuits after) twice a week and then 1 hills session a week.


Q. How does your diet look at present? Do you count macros and calories?

Breakfast – oats with protein power scoop on with sliced up banana

During training – protein/carbohydrate bar and a lucozade sport

Post training – protein shake with banana

Lunch – 60g worth of carbs of rice, fish and veg

Snack – nuts & Apple

Dinner – steak, sweet potato, veg


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Q.What single piece of advice would you give someone looking to improve the quality of their life (doesn’t have to be diabetes related)?

Live each day as if it is your last, have fun and try to enjoy everything you do.

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