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Diabetes Bodybuilding Diet Plan Guide

Date: _________ Time: _________ Today’s Step Count Goal: _________ Mood Pre-Training (1-10): _________ LOWER BODY Exercise Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 A1. Reverse barbell curls (10 Sets @ 10 RM) – 10 sec rest SUPERSET with… A2. Close Grip Press Ups (or kneeling) (10 Sets @ 10 RM) – 1.5 min rest Notes: • As you begin to tire switch to kneeling close grip press ups, and/or begin to drop weight on the bar (as needed). • Start barbell curls with a 10 rep max. Do not pyramid up. This is meant to be an all-out warfare set from the start. If anything you should be dropping weight (drop set) the deeper into the workout you get.

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