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Stupid question!


People with diabetes can build a quality set of abs, 6-pack or core (whatever your preferred term)

All it takes is consistent application of the right knowledge.

I’ve recorded a detailed video discussing a number of important issues people with diabetes face when it comes to building a shredded set of abs.

Topics include:

  • Calorie Balance and Diabetes.
  • Hyperglycemia – your biggest enemy to building muscle and looking great!
  • Diabetes medication and fat gain.
  • Insulin abuse in competitive bodybuilding
  • Why hypoglycemia will make you fat!
  • and much much more!

I appreciate getting below 10% body fat may not be every diabetic’s goal.

However, there a great deal of people with diabetes who are highly passionate about bodybuilding and showing off their physique, where ultra-low levels of body fat are essential to showcase muscular definition.



If you love this kind of diabetes diet and training stuff and want to know even more about how to shred fat and build a better-looking body with diabetes, then you’re in the right place.

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  1. Yogesh Reply

    Keep up the good work . how do we manage office with gym and depression ?

    1. Phil Graham Reply

      Get accountable to someone (who’s qualified), read more personal development, meditate, take care of your health, especially diabetes. Poorly controlled diabetes will invite problems – you have a choice to prevent this.

  2. Priyaranjan Reply

    Hi Phil,
    I am 33 Male with Type 2. After more than an year of research I finally discovered your website. A ray of light in the darkness of diabetes. Ive also seen your videos on YouTube. Really motivating. Best of luck for the future!
    However I was just wondering if you can give some tips on how to reduce belly fat for a pure vegetarian person and how to keep diet on check when travelling.

    1. Phil Graham Reply

      Thank you buddy!

      The best way is to:

      1. Set a calorie target.
      2. Set a step count.
      3 Set a training schedule.
      4. Get accountable to someone.
      5. Adjust and tweak as needed.

      You should definitely check out this

  3. Simon Hand Reply

    Phil your a star and it’s fantastic to read your book and watch your videos. I’m a type 1 diabetic and it gives me more confidence when it comes to lifting weights. I’m sure I’m not the only diabetic that’s been wanting the valueable information, not from a medical expert that isn’t diabetic but from a diabetic that has been there and done. Brilliant.

    1. Phil Graham Reply

      Thank you so much Simon!